S-Imeri Company

Established in 2000 from its owner Sahit IMERI, a man with the vision to bring innovative services in his homeland, the result of the work toward that vision, today is S-Imeri Company with the trust of our clients we have raised with the years, with the tendency of continuous growth we compile new ideas in order to be more innovative and offer functional services.

We continuously refresh our techniques through international training of our staff.


Our services lie in a very special field of building industry, the range of our services includes: all the work in interior and exterior, thermo insulations, insulations, dry constructions, facades, painting, classic facades of different architectural orders and periods.

We always focus to completely understand our client’s requests, and work with dedication to realize every detail, and this is only one of the aspects that makes our company unique.


Our constant place in the top of this industry, has enabled us to know everything about construction materials, we choose them very carefully, always considering the quality, durability, and lifespan, and requesting the most from each.


We have hundreds of satisfied clients which we still continue our cooperation, we have hundreds of references that will amaze you

In our company every client is special and our commitment and dedication for the work is always the best and not connected to quantity.


Therefore you just have to contact us for more.